From Management to Trainee

16 Jun

I started my job in the fall of 2008. I refer to it as my first “real” job in that it had nothing to do with food service. I loved it. Along with the fact that I got to work with an office family of five wonderful women on a daily basis, I had the opportunity to do what I love best – serve customers.

I was a customer service representative for this “loan company” and I loved every minute of it. Even on my worse days there, I still went home very satisfied with my job. And isn’t that what we want ultimately? To go to work every morning doing something you’re passionate about.

I enjoyed my job because it was very easy for me to get into the swing of things — talking with customers about their needs, evaluating their assets and financial stability, finding the best loan options for them, then processing the proper documentation for them, and lastly, signing that check! It was a good feeling knowing that somebody went home with money to get their electricity turned back on in the winter or to buy the medications they need for someone ill in their family. On the other hand, the job got more “interesting” when it came time to make debt collection calls. But all in all, I liked what I was doing and rarely had anything to complain about.

Actually, that job was a blessing… The district manager over that office was in the area one afternoon and came through my drive-thru line at a fast food place I was employed at at that time. She complimented me on my professionalism and my positive attitude. She basically was telling me that I was too good to be working at an establishment like that. She gave me her business card after letting me know I could come see her if I was ever seeking a better job opportunity. One week later, I was working for her. So don’t ever let your current situation get you down. Everything happens for a reason. And if you maintain an optimistic light, you’re always in the right place at the right time whether you realize it or not.

I worked hard for three years there, becoming a better person slowly but surely. I went from a 21-year-old college kid to a 24-year-old Public Relations graduate…and my job was always supportive of my academics. I was extremely lucky that they were flexible with my class schedule.

Upon my graduation, I was left wondering if I’d end up staying in that job and trying to work my way up the chain of command…or if I would find a career in the PR or Marketing fields. If so, where? And for who? Would I enjoy it? Why would I leave my job? I was comfortable there. I had gained a little expertise. Did I really want to leave?

One day a fax came through about a management position in Florida. It was kind of slow that day, so I thought, What the heck? and submitted my resume possibly out of boredom. I would have loved to be honestly considered for that position but was not sure if they would hire me over someone else in the company who probably had a few more years in the game than myself. A LOT of people in the company were looking to make that upward move and to relocate at that time. So Why me, I thought.

About a month later, I was in Florida…! (TO BE CONTINUED)


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