RSS – Pharrell’s Simple Question: HAPPY?

15 Mar

Guest blog:
Author: Christan O’Brien


With lyrics like “Can’t nothing bring me down, My level’s too high”, it is definitely apparent that Mr. Williams is exuding joy in not only the music booth, but in his personal life. The buoyant, light hearted lyrics accompanied by the exuberant, choir like back ground melodies puts even the faintest of hearts in a cheerful mood. So, was this all society needed, another affirmation that being “just” happy was okay? Twenty-four years later, after Bobby McFerrin gave the world the command to ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’, we’ve been given another that we’ve taken on gladly. But, after the lyrics are over, and the melodies fade out are you still “happy”?

Life, the term so many of us use in cynical sentences. But, Life presented in this song is one of joy, one of excitement, one of personal satisfaction. What Williams is giving the world is not only another dance worthy track, but innocence, purity, the thing so many of us remember with warm hearts, childhood. Not forgetting that the track was originally made for a children’s film, it shows the world that the kids may be on to something. There’s a reason children take to catchy song, that lullabies and nurse rhymes have withstood the test of time. They’re simple, they’re fun, they’re with out shame or inhibitions. Children sing and dance any and everywhere, their energy isn’t dependent upon anything but what they feel they want to do at that time. Now, granted, in “adulthood” decorum keeps us in “civilized” manor, but the child-like nostalgia this track brings is a reason you can’t help but sing and dance every time it spins through the speakers.

Pharrell wants you to be Happy. And so do I. Let that inner child out. The neighborhood is waiting for you to come outside and play. Whether you have to take your Happy aka your iPod, Smartphone, and/or tablet everywhere with you, let this song resonate inside of you and anywhere you can ‘Clap Along If You Feel Like Happiness Is The Truth’.

Peace & Blessings.

(Christan O’Brien)

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