Guest Writer: SPC Loroff

29 Mar


Name: Erica Loroff
Chapter of Initiation: Zeta Rho- Midland, MI
Hometown: Sandusky, OH
AXO Positions Held in College: VP Communications
Favorite Candy: Chocolate/ Carmel Bars
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Pinterest, Cooking, and Shopping
Favorite TV Shows: Too many to count… here’s just a few: Armywives, How I Met your Mother (sad they pulled the plug on these), Resurrection, Castle, and Dance Mom’s
Favorite Movies: Anything Nicolas Sparks and I love the Phantom of the Opera musical
Pets: Noah Dylan my cat, 4 years old and Luke Oliver my puppy who is 8 months

What is your favorite Alpha Chi Omega memory? The retreats we used to have in the winter. Being in Michigan I felt like we had a blizzard every year the retreat happened, but we felt like it must go on. Cooped up in a sister’s house with all of us there led to so many laughs and tears. Skits, Firesides, and the sisters are what I remember most.

What is your favorite military memory? My favorite military memory would be graduating Basic Training. Sounds cliché but so many friends and family supported me when I decided to join (I could feel that support) but I could tell they really didn’t know I would be so successful let alone make it. Crossing that field was a statement to others you can really do anything you put your mind to. Before I joined I played Soccer in high school, was a band geek, member of my high school dance/ kick-line team, college cheerleader, graduated with my business degree, and spent time after college as a substitute teacher. Now I can add a soldier to the list… as you can see there are so many interests I have and many others have too they are just too afraid to seek them. I say go for it!

When/why did you decide to join the military? I first saw a recruiter in 2009 and decided to actually sign in 2012. The kicker was my husband’s exit of his military career. I thought it was finally time to start my career and after talking to 4 branches I chose the Army. I decided to join because of the benefits, travel experiences, and because I needed job experience in my field. The Army gave me a job offer I couldn’t refuse to coincide with my business degree (42A- Human Resources Specialist).

What lessons did you learn during your time as a collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega that you will be able to apply to your military career? I learned the diversity of people’s cultures and backgrounds affects how you communicate with every individual. College was the first place everyone came together from different places with the same goal to achieve a degree. The military is just the same, however we all came together to ultimately serve our country. Having learned so many lessons at a beginning college level such as in the sorority, it makes it easier to transition to a greater level… called employment or life in general.

What are some ways that our sisters can support military members, specifically women? The only thing I can think of to participate in a mentorship program, a pairing of professionals sort of speak. It would be great to network with other women in similar jobs within the civilian sector. Tutoring sisters that are striving to go back to school can also be a stress reliever. Going to school while working 50+ hours a week doesn’t leave a lot of time for school work let alone really comprehending the material. Having the aid of a sister nearby to help with difficult classes is such a wonderful relieve. Also, the support through letters and care packages is uplifting to all.

Tell us a little about your current duty position. My current duty position is paperwork, updates, and working first hand with the soldiers. Have it be processing a retirement packet or award. I update insurance policies, work hand-in-hand with finance, and deal with promotions. We are a one stop shop for any and all questions. Even if we don’t know the answer it is my job to find a source for the soldier. It’s a little office the Army likes to call S-1.

Thank you, Alpha Chi Omega and SPC Erica Loroff for your submission!


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