RSS – 10 Things You Need to Know About Relationships in Your 20s

09 Jul

Guest blog:
Author: Jay Denson

I was in my 1st wedding this past weekend and it REALLY got me thinking. My 27th Birthday on August 27th I shall leave a p.o. box for gift sending later… As much of a playa as I am (in my mind, never in merit or actuality), I began to ponder on the nature of relationships. And what does this mean for you? Simple…here are the 10 things you need to know about relationships in your 20’s:

1. Stop Lying, Talking About There Aren’t Any Good Men Out Here

Ladies, this is for you. I know that it’s quite trendy to say and your friends can be very persuasive in their arguments…but…it’s simply not true. There are great men out there, who’d be everything you wanted, who look exactly how you want, just face it: YOU DON’T WANT THEM. For whatever reason, your brain has done the calculations and that man isn’t what you really want. Which leads me to the next point…

2. You’re Not Supposed To Know What You Want

I’m about to fuck someone’s life up with this one….but yes…you read correctly, you’re supposed to be confused. The myth is: In your 20’s you’re supposed to KNOW what you want in the opposite sex. The truth is: In your 20’s, you’re supposed to be FIGURING IT OUT. Yep it’s true. So…date, travel, get your heartbroken, fall in love, grow…but don’t get hung up on not having it all together just yet….it will come in time.

3. Ladies: Men Are More Insecure Than You

Sorry fellas. Ladies, it’s true. Your daggers cut deeper than ours. The difference is, you bleed instantly and we don’t…Just think about it.

4. Fellas: Ladies Are Worse Than You

Look…you might have thought that you’ve done dirt, but you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who’s not capable of producing a graveyard in relation to your little skeletons. You better chill bruh….or she’ll end up have you looking dumber than Waka on 106 and Park…”I’m sayin’…I’d prolly major in Geometry…”

5. If You’re Still Asking People How Many People They’ve Had Sex With Or Who They Had Sex With, Just Be Single

You’re not 18. Everyone is having sex (not justifiably) ….and a lot of it. So stop asking about someone’s sexual history, TRUST, you don’t want to know. Your job isn’t to outperform the past; it’s to ignite the future. So, get your yoga game up, start eating pineapple (fellas), and drink plenty of water.

6. Stop.Worrying.About.The.Past.

Human beings have this zany knack for ignoring what’s in front of them, so that they can obsess over things that have already happened. Good luck with that yo. So many of y’all have missed blessings in all forms because you’re consumed with decisions that you have already made. I’m sorry to inform you, but those mistakes you made YEARS AGO, have already occurred. The question is: are you going to let go and finally decide to be happy, or not?

7. The Best Relationships Are Threesomes

This might not go over well with the ‘Turn Up’ crowd, but if you want the secret to a healthy, long lasting relationship, it’s actually pretty simple. A REAL relationship is always between: you, your significant other, and God. Yes, I said God. So if you’re not ready or just read that sentence and said, “It ain’t even that serious”, then I’m talking to you. I’m just going to say this and move on: If God isn’t in the middle of it, it just won’t work. I think I’ve made my point.

8. The Problem Is YOU.

I’ll be brief: The common denominator in all of this heartbreak and angst that you’re consumed with is the person staring back in the mirror. You are the missing link….so if you want to break the cycle, it’s time to start a new one. You need to figure out why you keep attracting ‘ain’t shit’ type personalities in your life. I promise that they won’t have a way into your life, if you’d stop leaving the door open.

9. There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single

Listen…that’s self-explanatory. Stop reading Bossip and listening to your friends. Be single. Figure it out. Take your time. Enjoy your time. A real relationship is a commitment of time, energy and effort…so if you don’t have the 3 to give, just chill.

10. Never, EVER, Underestimate The Power of….”I Like You.”

You know what….I’ll save the explanation for another time. I want some time to dive into this.

(Jay Denson)


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