Who Loves Fitness More Than You Think?

03 Aug

It’s summer 2014. Social media is flooded with gym selfies, fitness memes, green smoothie recipes, and more. It seems as if almost everyone is trying to get into the best shape of their lives! There’s just one group of people that I’m mostly concerned about.

The children.

Believe it or not, there are SOME parents out here that will go out of their way to feed themselves top shelf foods and treat themselves to top of the line health products, but their kids are left with candy, Kool-Aids, Happy Meals, frozen dinners, and cookies. And the reasoning behind it is… “My son won’t eat vegetables” or “My daughter won’t eat anything but pizza.”

Are you kidding me? Since when do children have jobs in order to go out and buy their own groceries? The way I was raised, you respect the parents who cooked the meal by eating it all and by showing your manners in the kitchen (saying please & thank you and then helping with dishes afterward). There was no such things as, “Mommie, I don’t eat brussel sprouts” or “Dad, I don’t feel like eating carrots.” Their response would have been, “Well sit there until you feel like eating what’s on your plate” or “You’re not eating tonight then.”

Don’t get me wrong. Parents who do this aren’t trying to starve their kids. They actually are (1) teaching their kids to appreciate what’s in front of them and (2) NOT GIVING someone with no knowledge of NUTRITION the OPTION to make food decisions.

If you expose your kids at an early age to healthy & fun food options, it will soon become habit and they will learn to LOVE healthy food! You’ll be AMAZED at how much most kids can learn to love health.

Also, some people pay lots of money and spend lots of their time for gym memberships and personal trainers. But they rely on recess to be the only physical activity their child sees. You don’t have to spend more money by signing them up for expensive basketball and cheer camps. You can make fitness fun by including your child in your own workouts or taking your kid to the park to play sports. On the weekends, take them hiking or swimming or take the dog for a longer walk each day. There are plenty of free/inexpensive things to do. When parents exercise with their children, it directly shows them that fitness and health is IMPORTANT in the family.

I DON’T HAVE KIDS and I’m not an expert yet in the field of Youth Exercise & Nutrition (in 2015 I will be certified). So I wrote this post based on my friends with kids..and based on my personal experience as a child raised by a woman who ran track in the Army and a man who is an expert cook with international cooking experience. My mom is actually a certified diet and nutrition guru for children! Perhaps they passed these values down to me. (I typed “values” and my iPhone auto-corrected it to say “cakes.” Wow.)

“As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.” In addition to this, we’ll be shopping at farmers markets and playing in gyms & parks!

I am not saying we should completely deprive them of ice cream and such. They can actually have more cheat meals than us because their metabolism is just awesome. But let’s set our kids up for a healthy future. We’ll save money on medical costs as well as save them from the stresses of obesity problems, constipation, diabetes, and heart issues.

**Stay tuned for Part Two of this post!! I’ll be sharing some funny stories from my childhood about food, dinner time manners, and exercise!!**

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