Fitness Challenge Summer 2014

20 Aug

Summer is not over, people! Go for your goals! You have time! All you have to do is make the decision to say YES to your health and NO to your bad habits.

I recently posted a before-and-after, transformation photo on my Instagram and Facebok profiles. As a result I received several messages and phone calls from people saying that they are inspired and want advice and motivation. And being the person I am, of course I’m willing to help!** After all, I would not have made it to where I am now (so far) without the help, the expertise, the knowledge, and the motivation of my coaches: Ashlee Nikki Alfred and her husband Rodney Alfred. I encourage you to contact them ( if you are interested in a life change, especially if you are in the Killeen/Fort Hood areas. And if you aren’t, they are always available long-distance to do a customized meal plan for you. They are tasty, reasonable, and easy to follow. I guarantee you will not regret it. Enough of my #BEFIT plug! I could go on for days and days!

In addition to working out with the Alfreds, I am also doing meal replacements. This is what works best for my cravings…I love chocolate and gummi bears and pizza. But with the right choices in front of me, saying “no” to junk became a whole lot easier, especially when there is a convenient little vending machine on the second floor of the building I work in and a Pizza Hut right next to the barracks I live in, UGH! So I encourage you to try the Hi5 Challenge. You can read more about it and get nutritional facts at my site: and I will mail you my recipe book for FREE if you are interested in Hi5!!!! I fell in love with Hi5 protein. I have tried brands like Jay Robb, GNC, Lean25, and Syntrax. Yet this Hi5 protein is the best at truly blending in a simple blender bottle and it tastes so smooth.

Lastly, I didn’t mean to offend anyone by “bashing” fitness tools such as waist trainers, detox teas, diet pills, etc. I mentioned those in my post when I put my transformation picture up. The reason I say this is because a couple people private messaged me saying that they felt some type of way about the way I mentioned those items. I have absolutely nothing against using body wraps and laxatives and waist trainers and whatever else an individual wants to use. The only thing I am against is relying SOLELY on these short cuts to get goals and getting upset when you don’t see results. I say this because I used to be that person!!! So I’m just trying to help others. If you took it the wrong way, I apologize. But I just ask that we look at nutrition and exercise as the SOLID FOUNDATION for healthy lifestyles, then on the other hand view these shortcut tools as SUPPLEMENTAL tools to the foundation. They are more of a quick fix than a results-getter. Again, I say that I used to be that person. I tried the master cleanse, the Vanna belt, the garcinia cambogia, I’ve done it all; but I still can not speak for any of those things to say that I got the results I needed and wanted. The photo is proof of that.

**I’m not an expert on fitness and health. I will never pretend to be. I’m simply a young woman sharing my personal information. So I definitely advise anyone wanting to change their lifestyle to consult a physician as well as a nutritionist and to consult a certified/experienced/knowledgeable personal trainer.

Good luck! God bless!

(Jasmine Stewart)

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